EVRGRN Founder Adam Spencer visits Fintech Confidential Podcast

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Podcast Overview

Key Insights into the Ever-Changing World of FinTech:

On November 9th, 2022, Adam Spencer went on the podcast Fintech Confidential joining host Tedd Huff to talk about all things fintech along with the highly innovative and intensely interesting work Adam Spencer is completing as the Founder of EVRGRN Industries as well as Co-Founder/COO of Vital Card. Adam kicks off the conversation by talking about evolving and innovating products (05:50), generational sharing (09:07), European credit models (09:45), and adds intuitive insights about why it may not always be best to be the trailblazer in your industry (06:45 – 7:15).

Vitals Evolution, General Mission Statement, and Roadmap:

Tedd continues the conversation by inquiring about the various ways Adam and his team at Vital have been able to innovate and tap into the highly competitive market of 18 – 39-year-olds (Vitals target audience). Adam expounds on the ideas centered around the viral coefficient (20:10 – 20:35), product journeys at Vital (21:30 – 24:00), and Vitals general mission statement and roadmap (13:50 – 29:00).

Diversity, Inclusion, and the Vital Experience:

Finally, the two fintech veterans begin to wrap up the conversation (30:50) as Adam delineates Vital’s focus on customer diversity and inclusion (30:50 – 31:20), the Vital experience (37:30 – 40:10), and Vital’s entrance into the world on Nascar (48:45). To learn more about Vital, its entry into the credit space and disruption in the credit industry check out the embedded link below to podcast episode 26 of Fintech Confidential and to stay up to date in all things fintech check out Fintech Confidential hosted by Tedd Huff wherever you get your podcasts.


Vital Card: https://www.vitalcard.com/

Fintech Confidential Podcast: https://fintechconfidentialpodcast.captivate.fm/